Miniature Labradoodles
 Taylor Miller~  Colerain, North Carolina

Red &Golden Labradoodle Puppies for Sale

PRICE: OUR PUPPIES ARE $1400. We breed f1 and f1b and f2b labradoodle puppies. 

f1 = poodle bred to labrador = 50% poodle and 50% labrador. Loosest coat. Moderate shedding/moderate hypoallergenic

f1b = poodle bred to f1 = 75% poodle and 25% labradoodle. Curls/waves/fleece. Minimum shedding. Most hypoallergenic.

f2b = f1 bred to f1b = 63.5 poodle and 36.5 labradoodle. Soft curls/waves/fleece. Minimal shedding and hypoallergenic.

Miniature golden - golden retriever color, approx 13 to 24 pounds.

Miniature dark golden - shades of red and gold, approx 13 to 24 pounds.

Miniature red - light to dark red, approx 13 to 24 pounds. 

Medium golden - golden retriever color, approx 25 to 35 pounds.

Medium dark golden - shades of red and gold, approx 25 to 35 pounds. 

Medium red - light to dark red, approx 25 to 35 pounds. 

You can reserve a puppy from a litter that is already born or from an expected litter. Deposits of 1/4th of purchase price are required to reserve a puppy and can be made by check or paypal. 

We prefer you come to our home. But we will arrange shipping, including health certificate, crate and air fare for $350 for miniature size and $400 for medium size.

All puppies are seen by Seller's veterinarian. All puppies are found to be in excellent health with no luxating patellas, no heart murmurs, no hernias, clean ears, negative fecal and proper bite. All males have descended testicles.

Seller gives a limited five-year guarantee for serious, health-threatening congenital defects and a limited five-year guarantee for serious, health-threatening inherited defects. Seller breeding stock is sound and tested. In rare instances that a life-threatening inherited or congenital defect should occur, buyer must consult with seller and buyer's vet must consult with seller's vet for a remedy in order for seller's warranty to stay in effect. In no case will seller be responsible for any vet bills that exceed the purchase price of the dog. Seller will split the cost of any medical remedy from a congenital defect up to the age of one or a heritable defect up to the age of two but never to exceed the purchase price of the dog. If your dog should die of a heritable or congenital defect, a pathology report needs to be submitted to seller. 

Seller is never responsible for shipping.

Other illnesses can occur that are neither congenital nor inherited, such as cancer. Eating a toxic plant, licking antifreeze, diarrhea, or swallowing dental floss or rubber bands are further examples. Dogs are living animals and, as such, can become ill through an incident, exposure, or at random. Seller is not responsible in any way, financially or otherwise, for regular illnesses; only congenital or heritable, and then it is limited.

Purchaser Agreement

Purchaser agrees to take their puppy to their vet within 10 days of receipt so their vet can give them explicit instructions for their puppy's care, as well as ensure the puppy is in the best of health. If vet diagnosis the puppy to be seriously ill, vet will consult with seller's vet for treatment, as all puppies leave Breeder in sound health. Should both vets concur that puppy needs to be returned, seller will refund purchase price but purchaser will be responsible for all vet and transportation costs.Purchaser agrees to spay or neuter no earlier than six months and no later than 10 months, to take loving care, feed high-quality, meat-based food, provide fresh water, and exercise in the form of a fenced back yard or multiple daily walks. Labradoodles have lots of energy, therefore puppies can't be crated for eight or nine hours a day while owner is at work. Arrangements for a noon walk or yard romp will need to be made until puppy is more mature.Purchaser further acknowledges that puppies are not house trained. Purchaser agrees to take puppy to their vet yearly for routine physical exams and to provide veterinary care that is necessary, as deemed by vet. Puppies eat grain free dry food and grain-free canned. It is important to feed a low-carbohydrate, grain-free dry food if dry food is fed.Purchaser will never place puppy in a pound or shelter, but only in a loving pet home. Purchaser will make arrangements with relatives or other suitable persons for puppy's care if purchaser becomes unable to care for puppy. Purchaser will contact breeder to help purchaser find a suitable home if purchaser needs to do so.

In twenty years we have never had a puppy come back with an inherited defect .

Our labradoodles come from health tested , show quality poodles with emphasis on calm and loving temperaments.

Lisa Calderon 252-642-4150